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Tinashe Mutarisi Speaks Out After A Video Of Young Schoolgirl Is Spotted At A Lodge

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04 Oct, 2021 | Posted By: Staff Reporter

Tinashe Mutarisi Speaks Out After A Video Of Young Schoolgirl Is Spotted At A Lodge

Nash Paints owner, Tinashe Mutarisi has taken to social media to address a video of a young schoolgirl who was spotted at a local lodge recently.

In the viral video, an unidentified girl was spotted as she tried to gain entrance into a local lodge.  After she was spotted by the gate, a group of people gathered and called on the guards manning the lodge to stop the girl from getting into the lodge. It is still not yet clear what she was doing at the lodge, but the people already concluded that she was there to meet a man possibly an older man.
Taking to Facebook, Tinashe bemoaned how social media critics slandered the girl for going to the lodge. He said he was disappointed that as a country, people were busy attacking the young girl for going to a lodge without knowing the reason why she was visiting that lodge in the first place.

He argued that there could have been a million explainable reasons why she was going to the lodge but just because lodges have off late become known as s_ex havens critics chose to believe that this was the only reason why she was there.

“I’m just disappointed that as a country we are busy slandering that young girl tichiti aienda ku lodge just for the wrong reasons. There are a million other reasons why that young lady would visit a lodge.Isusu we are judging her according to what we usually go to the lodges for.

Okay, kana zvirizvo are we not worse than the person who took the young girl kulodge by recording and bringing the story to social media? Now, this is being discussed on National broadcasting media houses but no one bothers to find the lodge to get the full story and take them to account tosiya mwana,” he wrote.


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He added that the person who took the video and posted it on social media was in the wrong as the video doesn’t tell the full story.
“Vamwe munenge muchindimakira nhaika? Nhasi VaMutarisi mapotsa …. Because ndataura pfungwa dzangu? Ndofana kungotauta zvinoenderana nemi kuti muti ndagona? Unfortunately, I was not raised that way.
When I was way younger than that age ndine misikanzwa yandaitoitawo yekuti dai yaiiswa pano I would not have been the person that I am today. Hanzi we publish because we want to learn, want to learn pa munhu? Pamwana wemumwe?
Again why do we create a whole narrative inouraya character yemunhu based on a 30 seconds video? We then say anofanirwa kudzidza mwana iyeye based on the 30 seconds.Next thing we move on to the next victim uyu tatokanganwa apa future tatouraya,” he added.





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