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Tytan Tells Jah Signal Sing For Free If You Want Kuwundura Stunner Achifuridzira

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12 Oct, 2021 | Posted By: Staff Reporter

Tytan Tells Jah Signal Sing For Free If You Want Kuwundura Stunner Achifuridzira

Tytan has found an opening to attack Stunner by commenting on an incedent that does not involve him. Tytan who was once friends with Stunner, has always been bitter and jelous of Stunner because Stunner is a better musician and Stunner was once married to Olinda who Tytan married after Stunner cheated and dumped her. 

There has always been speculation that Tytan is not happy and in his marriage and is only with Olinda Chapel because of her money. Olinda is the bread winner in the familyand controlls Tytans every move. Tytan vowed to the world that he would rather sleep under a bridge than go back to Olinda Chapel after he accused her of exposing him to HIV. Tytan exposed Olinda Chapels HIV status on a Facebook live with the help of his Lawyer Rumbidzayi Bvunzawabaya. AftertTytan realised he could not make it in the UK without the support of Olinda Chapel money he went back to her. As payback Olinda Chapel tried to get Rumbidzayi Bvunzawabayas Law License revocked. 

After Stunner got in an dispute with Jah Signal Tyan found and opening to attack stunner and posted the following message.

"Chero ukaimba mahara bho futi sha. It’s your business and you’ll run it however way you want. From experience, when you’re worth it, they’ll still pay you even if there are other artists willing to perform for free.
Ita yaunoita, ndiwe uri kurira! Skhokho!"

Mai TT also took aim at Stunner by support Jah Signal and posted the following 

Iwe chero ukaperfomer mahara its up to you mhani hindaa uchiudzirwa zvekuita. Artist wacho zvamubata papiko zvekut waperfomer mahara?? Huyahako tiite imwe song mahara 

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Contemporary musician Tytan Skhokho, real name Njabulo Nkomo, has sensationally alleged that his estranged wife Olinda Chapel almost infected him with HIV after she hid her status from him for years.
The 30-year-old musician who is currently embroiled in a nasty divorce with Olinda, opened himself up to civil and criminal charges after he accused his estranged partner of hiding her HIV status from him and essentially outed her.

In an interview with Rumbidzai Bvunzawabaya on the Rumbidzai Show, Tytan claimed that Olinda had hidden that she was HIV positive from him and that he only learned of her status from the doctors.

Responding to the issue, Olinda said Tytan knew her status and there is nothing to hide.

He claims that when he later confirmed that she was actually HIV positive after the doctors called him, Olinda did an about-turn and confirmed that she never told him because her viral load was undetectable. Said Tytan,

“This was the first time and she said that she did not want to tell me because she wanted to live a normal life. And I thought to myself, so I was deprived of a normal life because of that.

“That changed how I viewed her. I really struggled with that…I thought to myself that maybe that’s my life now. Let me try to make it work…her excuse at that time for not telling me was that she is undetectable.”

When asked whether the two of them had gone for testing before engaging in sexual intercourse, Tytan claimed that he was the only one who went for testing. He claimed that Olinda reassured him that because of her profession she had to go for constant testing.
Meanwhile, controversial rapper and social media personality Stunner, real name Desmond Chideme, has publicly claimed that he is HIV negative after his former wife revealed the opposite status. The musician decided to reveal his status following massive speculation in the aftermath of Olinda Chapel and estranged husband Tytan Skhokho’s fallout.


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