V11 Video Of Jay Israel & Blessing Mashangwa Plotting To Bring Prophet Makandiwa Down

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Prophet Evidence Chari had a secret video of Jay Israel and Blessing Muzvongi Mushangwa Rehearsing to lie that Makandiwa was having An Affair with her.

Prophet Evidence Chari this evening posted a LIVE video in which he said he was setting the record straight on Jay Israel’s Attack on Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa. Prophet Evidence Chari published a video showing the plot by Jay Israel. On the 6th of December 2020, there was a LIVE broadcast by Jay Israel.

 Prophet Chari said the broadcast failed and he knows the reason why.

Prophet Chari said the broadcast was meant to tarnish the image of Prophet Makandiwa. Some of the portions of what Jay Israel did is criminal.

 A case has been opened against Blessing Muzvongi Mashangwa. Jay Israel and Blessing did not know that there was a secret camera in the room.Jay Israel called Prophet Chari When he was ready to broadcast, he didn’t know that their rehearsal had been recorded.

 Prophet Chari said Jay Israel was recorded and there was an audio recording device on Jay Israel’s seat. Prophet Chari said Jay Israel and Blessing should Investigate how the video was recorded.

Blessing Did not Show up on the broadcast because Prophet Chari sent her a screenshot of her secret video before she joined the broadcast. Some me of God around Prophet Makandiwa are part of the plot.

 Prophet Chari only published 25 minutes of the 1 hour 40 minutes video and he will get monitoring how they respond before making a decision on whether to publish the portions, where they are mentioned.

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