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Xtra Large Speaks Artistes Are Not Charity Cases

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25 Feb, 2021 | Posted By: Staff Reporter

Xtra Large Speaks Artistes Are Not Charity Cases

Following the passing of souljah Love, there has been an exchange of words between artistes and corporates with the latter being accused of caring for people when they die and not endorsing them whilst they are still alive.

One of the promoters and mogul in the corporate world was on record saying artistes should never be entitled to receiving help. This did not go well with Urban grooves outfit Xtra Large who took to Facebook to air their opinion :

xtra large

"Pamsoroi... tanga tisingade hedu kutaura kana kupindira tunyaya twenyu but mukati maArtist then automatically u’re also referring to us.

Musazonyanyotisaiza nekutishoora zvekudaro and tell us tumwe tumaLanguage twekuda kutsvaga relevance zvisina basa. Lately parikufamba kaMromo kekuti maArtist we are pleading kuonekwa and be helped/taken care of more like maCharity case.
noone owes us and hapana munhu anomanikidzwa kubatsira Artist/Musician bla bla, imi imi musade kutiraira kunge munyu manzwa".

"Infact hear this, everyone in Zimbabwe owes maArtists emuno, u play us in your households, workplaces, cars, parties for flipping free, how many of you can come forward with a CD or any form of Music yamakatenga imimi, how many of you have Listener’s Licence Disks on the screen of your Cars? Piracy is actually legal here in Zimbabwe, i get to a Traffic Light and see someone selling my pirated Music freely and you tell me to do something about it, i should also stand in the streets and sell my Music?"
"We had a system and Record Stores that worked and sold our Music, Distribution Companies etc, ask yourselves what happened to that".

"I will hint u, a certain Radio Station once told Zimbabwe Music Rights Association to take away all the local music frm their station because they could do without local Music and can rather pay royalties to international artists".

"Today maakuda kutiudza kuti heeee u don’t owe us, nxa!!! Everyone in Zimbabwe owes all the local Musicians".

"You now see us as charity cases and telling us you dont owe us, are u paying anything for the Music you’re enjoying".

"If the system was straight as anywhere else we wouldn’t even be talking about this. Matinzwa, hatisi vanhu vemhanga mhanga" Thet posted


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