Zimbabwe Instagram Power Couples 2020 Winners

Instagram is one of the top social media platforms used by Zimbabweans and pupolarity has gotten bigger every year. Zimeyenews looked at data analytics and hashtags for zimbabwean powercouples and these couples toped the lists. So Zimbabwes Instagram Power Couples for 2020 are Stunner & Dyonne Tanaka followed by Madam Boss & Ngoni Munetsiwa and coming in third after their recent reunion we have Olinda Chapel  and Tytan. Congradualtions to these winners. Coming in at 4th was Mai TT & Zizoe they were leading early part of the year but since they broke up they could not make the list.

1st Place Zimbabwe Instagram Power Couple Stunner & Dyonne Tanaka


2nd Place Zimbabwe Instagram Power Couple Madam Boss & Mhofela


3rd Place Zimbabwe Instagram Power Couple Olinda Chapel

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