Zimbabwe Social Media Prophets Award Winners

Zimbabwe Social Media Prophets Award Winners

Zimbabwean Prophets have gained so much popularity over the last 3 years in Zimbabwe and are people many Zimbabweans look up to in times of need and guidance. Zim Social Media News has carried out surveys and used hashtag searches to award Zimbabwean Prophets the following awards 


Most Popular Prophet 

Passion Java


Spiritual Leader 

Prophet Makandiwa 


Peoples Choice Prophet 

Evidence Chari


Most Scandalous Prophe

Prophet Freddy , Walter Magaya & Talent Chiwenga


Most Philanthropic (Giving)

Uebert Angel & Passion Java



Prophet Makandiwa


No Direction Prophet

Talent Madungwe & Oscar Pambuka


Angry & Insulting Prophet 

Talent Chiwenga


Most Stylish Prophet 

Passion Java & Evidence Chari


Most Mysterious Prophet 

Prophet Ed Branson


Most Popular Social Media Prophet 

Passion Java


Most Respected Prophet 

Prophet Makandiwa


Richest Prophet 

1-Uebert Angel


3-Walter Magaya
4-Passion Java
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