Zimbabweans Demand Holyten To Apologize For Kutuka Winky D A National Treasure & For Wasting Data Nekurotomoka Kwake

Holyten is slowly replacing Ray Vines if he does not apologize for disrespecting a national treasure many Zimbabwean and the world loves. Winky D is Zimbabweas Bob Marley, Martin Luther King, this generation Thomas Mapfumo, for someone who has not made a mark in the Zimbabwean music Industry to showdisrespect like this Zimbabweans will not tolerate it. Whether Holyten is sponsored by political money Zimbabweans dont care. All Zimbabwean want is for this young man to apologize for wasting their DATA and apologize for disrespecting their treasure.  Ndomashoko ekupedzisira from Zimbabweans.

Daddy Hope posted the folowing message giving holyten advise

oung people should read the history of many careers that crashed when artists became entangled with ZANUPF.

It is every artist’ right to engage with any political party of their choice, but being a star of a polical party that has brought so much suffering to Zimbabweans has consequences.

My brother Holly, stop player hating.

Winky D has been doing this music thing for decades, so you might learn something from engaging with him without dissing him.

Winky D is bigger, that is why everyone was happy to see him give you an opportunity to duet!

Show some respect to Winky D and also you must realize that the kind of things you are saying here can turn some of your fans off.

Live and learn, don’t destroy your career dude with this silly and misguided comments.

Winky D gave you a bigger platform than you ever had, a thank you is what a decent person would do.

Do you have management, if you have change them.

A REAL manager wouldn’t let you say this crap!
usatande Botso munin’ina, unopera sesipo!!!

Holy must understand that ZANUPF is not stupid.

They know he did this song willingly but then regretted & is worried about losing the free stuff.

They know that he is trying so hard to fix his image with them.
ZANUPF has more respect for Winky D because they know where he stands with his views.

Holy is just blowing with the wind, so ZANUPF has no respect for him at all, and they have said it privately.

They know he is saying these stupid things to pretend like he is on their side, they know that all he is afraid of is losing freebies, they ain’t stupid.

Asviba both sides and the more he talks, the more he looks like a clown.

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