November 28, 2022

Socialite Jackie Ngarande Accuses Shashl Of False Rapecase Charges Against Producer Levels

Hours after Shashl filed rape charges against Levels her former lovers socialite Jackie Ngarande blasted Shashl with the follwing statement. Falsifying rape is a direct insult to genuine rape victims,women ,young girls and boys are being raped daily in this country,recently an eight year old was raped and rape is not something to joke about . Who will stand up for the boy child or man that are falsely accused for rape everyday in this teapot shaped country ,As society we have to put a stop to the one sided GBV narrative and call for stiff penalties to all those who have been found of falsely accusing men of rape. Say No to rape. Say no to all form of sexual violence. Say no to false allegations. #boychildmatterstoo

November 26, 2022

Shashl Obatwa Achihura na Fally Ipupa Jr Kubhawa Ne Boyfriend Yake Levels -MaNudhu ALevels Ndokulikiswa

Zvirikunzi Shashl akabatwa arikubhawa na Fally Ipupa Jr we Laparada Motors nemukomana wake Levels. Levels akaudzwa kuti musikana wake arikudanana na Fally ndokuenda kubhawa nehasha. Asvika kubhawa zvirikunzi shamwari ya Shashl yakadirwa levels dhoro ndopakabiwa phone yaLevels.  Mushure mekunge  Phone yalevels yabiwa Instagram yake yakabva yatorwa and ma Nudhu aka aka kandwa pa social media. Vanhu vakavhunduka ne nyoka iri mubhugwa ra Levels. Vanhu vaba account ya Levels vaposta izvi pa page rake.

November 25, 2022

Mai TT Kupaparika Kunge Tseketsa Kufunga Zve Mujolo naGrant Arikurwara Nepfungwa

Even by your low standards Mai TT. If she thought this was a joke, then shame on her. The comedienne, who has a string of failed marriages, decided to make a joke out of Grant Mashasha, the man police say is mentally ill. The 39-year-old is the son of Chitungwiza woman, Gogo Plaxedes Mashasha, who stayed with the corpse of her husband, for some days. Mashasha was found hiding in the ceiling of their home. He is believed to have been staying in the ceiling for 14 years. Mai TT, whose last marriage to Tinashe Maphosa lasted just five months, decided to use Grant’s name as part of her comedy. She suggested that he could be the perfect man for her as she used him to take another dig at Tinashe. In her Facebook post, Mai TT said: “Mondisiirawo murume we muce

November 17, 2022

Las Vegas Based Model/Influencer Amai Koko Owes Over $3,000.00 In Child Support

Las Vegas based model/influencer Amai Koko owes over $3,000.00 in child support according to California court documents obtained exclusively by Zim Social Media News. Amai Koko has attempted to appeal the order but has been unsuccessful as the amount is increasing every month. We reached out to the business owner and creator, but she had declined to comment at this time. Will Amai Koko’s assets and company be ceased? We will update you with more information as we are closely following this case.  

November 02, 2022

Mai TT Votuka Tinashe Maphosa Musatanyoko 24yrs KuAmerica Hapana Chaunacho Wakandibira USD $30,00 YemaRound

50 years usina chauinacho wakutondiona secompany inokupfumisa zimhino rakazvimba nekubira vakadzi ndosaka uchipenga wakarara unoti vanokuroya vashoma imbwa yemunhu zifailure. You think life begins at 50 by ripping were you did not sow ? Imbwaaaaa ndichakutuka everyday bring those summons everyday. Kuipa dayindakaziva ndakatiza nehupenyu hwangu imbwa kumba kune shavi renhamo wafunga kupfumisa dzinza neni musatanyoko. Thief Mbavha Swindler Hiding behind Certificate rehupastor. 24 years in America , 0 asset, 0 nothing . The only job he s good at is getting into hard working women s inboxes to steal from them . Be careful he knows all verses from Genesis to Relevation. He got a very convincing tongue you will even fight your closest ones over him . Narcissist.

October 24, 2022

MadamBoss Breaks Her Silence Shares Details Of Accident

Good day my ,fans family and stakeholders  I want to thank you for the prayers and support you gave and you are still giving me in this difficult situation. 😭😭😭😭 Here is what happened: We were on our way to Kadoma from Harare to attend the show and one wheel that wasn’t properly fitted by another company I will not disclose now just unscrewed itself from the car and the driver (Tanya) lost balance. 😭😭😭thank you Tanya wakagona ku controller mota zvakanaka nekuti mota iyi yaida kuenda direction yayaida Asi you tried your best  On my side kwakabvira moto ukadzima mota yakatanga ku nhuwa moto apa my door couldn’t open I want to thank a guy akangobva from his car akandidhonza and tese takabuda tiri vapenyu ende ticharamba tichi rumbidza Jeh

October 13, 2022

Mai TT Vaneta Nema Road Show EkuBudiriro Vakuda Mukombe Wa Madamboss We E Peoples Choice Awards Africa

Last time I did not contest I took it my page to support a fellow Zimbabwean but this time let’s bring it to cat family Just click the link below go and write Felistas Murata. Mai T s Diaries . . I trust you.

October 07, 2022

Mai TT Exposed To Be Mastermind Plotting Fake Story To Destroy Madamboss

#DevelopingStory Mai TT is in the process of bringing the alleged girl kuPlatform yaKetina or provide audios achiti akarohwa. She wants to use those audios to hold Tarisai at ransom (blackmail). Message yandauya nayo for u Felistas is, you think they are stupid to give you such a big story for peanuts, make a better offer hanzi yawakataura haiite. Munofunga kuti Tarisai ndiye ega ane circle inobudisa nyaya There is no smoke without fire. Remember pakabuda pic iri Loveness akati Joey urinyoka why all ova the place urikunyepa kuti u met naMura to get help on USA visa. Zvazobuda ndopakatanga kurongerwa Tyra dhende vasingazive kuti kiti yaivaitisa kiti ndoyakarecorder check voice riri loud nderani & her answers were toned avo vachibvaruka Kunyepera kuita munhu kwaye apa chimbuya

September 22, 2022

Mai TT Ndakatukirwa Musikana Webasa Nevakadzi Vaida Hembe Dzavakanzi Ndatenga NaOlinda - Akabhadhara Ndovapa Hembe

Good morning fam had a lot of women calling and coming to my house hanzi zvanzi tipiwe hembe naOlinda. Handisati ndapiwa mari yacho as soon vandipa will give you mungazotange kufunga ndapiwa mari ndakuramba nemadress no. As soon as she gives me the money I will give you some women vakasiya vapopotera my househelp hanzi tanzi tipihwe hembe dzabhadharwa kudhara . Ndikangopiwa will give you. Thank you .

September 21, 2022

Olinda Chapel The Bigger Person Forgives & Supports Mai TT’s Dress Bussiness

Letter to Mai Tt from Olinda "I have been watching, listening. 🙌🏻. I have had so many people inbox me wanting to have the ”last laugh” with me. Truth be told there is no last laugh in situations like this. I am heartbroken for Felistas. Everyone is in pursuit of happiness and no one will knowingly put themselves in situations that are heart breaking and tormenting to this extend. She wanted happiness. She wanted to be winning just like each ans every one of us.  Yes she is loud. Yes tonoitirwa ma 9hr lives tichitukwa. It’s okay.  But every morning she has to be someone else’s strength so she isn’t allowed to breakdown and cry and she isn’t allowed to fall. I know the feeling. I do however applaud her for her courage that pass

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